About Us

Traci’s Parrots 4 U is a business that offers parrots for sale in Utah and all over the United States.  We, however, are much more than simply a bird breeding “business”.  We have heart and soul and truly care about the birds we raise.  We are passionate about the birds we sell and are focused on producing happy, healthy birds.  We specialize in pairing these birds with people who share our love for our avian friends.  We are located in Taylorsville, Salt Lake County, Utah and serve people interested in buying a parrot throughout Utah and the Continental United States.

We commonly sell parrots to people in the following states:

  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Wyoming
  • Nevada
  • Utah
  • As well as all others across the US
If you live in the states we would love to help you find your new parrot companion as well as provide you with the right bird cage, accessories, and toys required to get you and your new friend all set up.  (You will need to make driving arrangements as we do not ship cages and accessories. However, WE DO SHIP BIRDS via air transportation to states of the continental United States.

We sell the following parrot species:

  • Love Birds
  • Cockatiels
  • Peach Fronted Conures
  • Dusky Conures
  • Jenday Conures
  • Sun Conures normal and red factor
  • Black Cap Conures
  • Green Cheek Conures
  • Crimson Bellied Conures
  • Canary Wing Parakeets aka Bee Bee Parrots
  • Lorikeets
  • Indian Ringnecks
  • Alexandrine Ringnecks
  • Derbyan Parakeets
  • Moustache Parrots
  • Plum Headed Parakeets
  • Maximillain Pionus
  • Blue Headed Pionus
  • White Cap Pionus
  • Senegals
  • Meyers (currently not breeding but will update if we start again)
  • Black Headed Caiques
  • White Bellied Caiques
  • Solomon Island Eclectus
  • Red Sided Eclectus
  • Vos Maeri Eclectus
  • Congo African Greys
  • Timneh African Greys
  • Rose Breasted (Galah) Cockatoos
  • Goffins Cockatoos
  • Blue Throat Macaw
  • Blue and Gold Macaws
  • Scarlet Macaws
  • Harlequin Macaws
  • Green Wing Macaws
  • Catalina Macaws
  • Harligold Macaws
  • Hahns Macaws
  • Bolivian Military Macaws.
  • Mexican Military Macaws

The above list can change from time to time as we add to our stock.  Please check with us if you don’t see your favorite species listed. We just might have it or can possibly get it for you.

About Me

My name is Traci, my Husband is George and our three children are Chelsea, Josephine and Georgie.  Ovcr 20 years ago while volunteering at a wildlife shelter (where I wanted to play with Monkeys, lions, tigers etc….) , a parrot was dropped off in a cat carrier.  This shelter was designed for wildlife and knew very little about parrots.  They kept the parrot in his cat carrier temporarily while they decided what to do with him.  Each day he would swing out on the door of the carrier and greet me with a very sweet “Hello”.  His eyes would dialate and he was just so animated that I was tempted to go over and interact with him.  When I attempted to follow through with this temptation, one of the other ladies at the shelter warned me to stay back.   She informed me that he only sweetly says hello to people as they pass by because he wants to lure them closer in and bite them!!!   “Huh” I thought, he looked so sweet, with his gorgeous blue feathers, red beak and a black ring around his neck.  Each day he became harder and harder to resist.  Eventually I informed the shelter that I wanted to adopt him.  They told me he would always be a “caged bird” due to his aggression.  I was undaunted, thinking to myself, I did not care if that were true about him, I could love and appreciate him for his beauty and entertaining personality.

Once we got him home, I quickly looked him up on the internet to see just what kind of bird I had just adopted.  He of course turned out to be an Indian Ring Necked Parakeet.  I was very excited with my new friend.  So although I would have been happy if he never wanted to leave his cage,  I decided to simply open it for him and went and sat down to watch Tv.  No more than 10 minutes later “Sampson”, as I named him, came out of his cage, rattled off all of the words he knew in succession,  then climbed off his cage onto the floor where he came over to explore our feet.  Soon after that he climbed my husband’s leg, onto his lap, then up his shoulder and onto the back of the couch.  He sat there, watched tv, and talked to us the rest of that night.  Sampson was on our shoulders everywhere we went until the day he passed away.

Needless to say, he completely changed our lives and we have been avid bird lovers and appreciaters ever since.

When we got Sampson I was only 18 years old and did not know the first thing about keeping a bird, however I was a lover of all creatures, so what I lacked in bird knowledge I must have made up for with the fact that I loved him, and he knew it.  I treated him as I would any other family member, he went places with us, he hung out watching tv with us, he ate, played, and talked with us and I considered him a family member for life, as I would any human or animal who enters our family.  I point this out simply because I find that with the wealth of information out there regarding taking care of parrots, the very thing which I consider number one is often NOT emphasized, which is LOVE, and with love comes CARE and COMMITMENT!!!  The other stuff is easily learned, but without those key elements,  neither parrot nor human can get the most out of their relationship with one another.

Most parrots are monogamous in the wild, so we need to consider this fact and know that they have the ability to bond very strongly and are extremely faithful.  So when humans simply re-home their birds because they are “moving” or  “do not have time for their bird”, etc., it is very sad and confusing for their bird.  Our pets should be considered as family, so if you move, take your bird with you, maybe consider not living in a place where your bird will not be welcome, make time for your bird friend, and what you lack in quantity of time, as we are all busy these days, make up for with quality of time.  In times of difficulty, just as you would for your children, you figure things out. I mean, you wouldn’t consider putting your children up for adoption simply because it would be cheaper to live in an “adult only” community, so why re-home your loyal friend simply because an apartment is cheaper but won’t allow pets?

These creatures have hearts and souls, I see it in their eyes, I feel it when they comfort me when I’m sick, I know it with all of MY heart and soul..