About Our Birds

Which Parrots Do We Sell?

We are a Salt Lake City area breeder located precisely in West Valley City that offers a variety of species of parrots for sale.  We currently raise the following species of birds:  We try to update this list from time to time, however it is ever changing so please check with us if you don’t see the species you want listed.

  • Love Birds
  • Blue Fronted Amazons
  • Yellow Crown Amazons
  • Yellow Nape Amazons
  • Panama Amazons
  • Double Yellow Headed Amazons
  • White Fronted Amazon (Spectacled Amazon)
  • Cockatiels
  • Black Cap Conures
  • Green Cheek Conures
  • Indian Ringnecks
  • Plum Headed Parakeets
  • Maximilian Pionus
  • White Cap Pionus
  • Senegals
  • Meyers
  • Black Headed Caiques
  • Vos Maeri Eclectus
  • Red Sided Eclectus
  • Solomon Island Eclectus
  • Congo African Greys
  • Timneh African Greys
  • Rose Breasted (Galah) Cockatoos
  • Sulphur Crested Cockatoos
  • Goffins Cockatoos
  • Blue and Gold Macaws
  • Scarlet Macaws
  • Harligold Macaws
  • Hahns Macaws
  • (Our Favorites) Military Macaws, both Bolivian and Mexican .
  • Parrotlets
  • Patagonian Conures

How Do We Care For Our Babies?

Our birds are raised in a family setting, where they are interacted with by all members of our family, including our children, our youngest right now being 10.  We also have two dogs (bassett hounds) and a cat, so they are used to having other pets around as well.

When we say our babies are “Hand Fed” we don’t simply mean we take a syringe, quickly squirt some formula into the babies mouth and stick it quickly back into the brooder!  We take each baby and talk to them, pet them and interact with them.  As they mature we play with them frequently during the day.  When our hand fed babies leave here they are well socialized and as sweet as can be.

Some species of birds are cuddlers, others more playful, some don’t like being pet but are extremely clown-like,  and still others love to lay like babies in your arms on their backs.  Whatever species you choose, please know that we have done our very best to help that baby be a confident,  happy, human loving baby bird.