Hand Fed Baby Jenday Conures


6 available

Currently being hand fed a 50% deposit will hold until weaned

Hand Fed Baby Blue and Gold Macaw



hatched Sept 10, 2017

currently being hand fed 50% deposit will hold until weaned

Hand Fed Baby Green Cheek Conures


3 avail.

hatched May, 5,7,9, 2017

weaned and ready for forever homes

Hand Fed Baby Solomon Island Eclectus


2 available 1 male,  1 female

now being hand fed a 50% deposit will hold until weaned

Hand Fed Baby Military Macaw


now being hand fed 50% deposit holds til weaned.

Hatched Sept. 5, 2017

1 available


Hand Fed Baby Goffins Cockatoos


2 available

Hatch 4/29, 5/1/2017

50 % deposit to hold until weaned

Goffins are one of my favorite toos as they are clowny, playful and affectionate and a little lower maintenance than some of their larger cousins.

Hand Fed Baby Plum Heads


4 available

Hatch 4/5, 4/6,4/8,4/9, 2017

Now being hand fed a 50% depoait will hold until weaned.

We have not had any plums for 5 years and are just so thrilled to have them available again.  They are hard to find rare little guys with amazing personalities.   They are great for everyone.

Hand fed baby yellow shouldered amazons


2 avail.

Hatched 5/18/2017

50% dep. To hold until weaned

These very special amazons are one of my favorites, they talk like crazy, and have a gentle nature.  I cant say enough good about this species.

Note:  babies are very young so pic is from a past clutch of ours.

Hand Fed Baby Green Wing Macaw

1 available

Hatched 7/4/2017

now being hand fed 50% deposit will hold until weaned

these are considered the gentle giants of the macaw world, they are strikingly beautiful with their bright red feathers and horned colored beak and large stature (second largest macaw)

they are intelligent and sweet creatures

Hand Fed Baby Scarlet Macaw


1 avail.

hatch May 16, 2017

50% deposit will hold until weaned


Gorgeous and intelligent the scarlet macaw is a fun loving and playful bird.  Good talker in the macaw family.  Misunderstood and given the reputation as “nippy” people fail to realize they actually are extremely affectionate and those love nips are something they do in the wild playfully.  This is often mis construed in our world as them being mean when in fact it is very affectionate coming from them and can easily be avoided with a few tips