Eclectus Parrot

The Eclectus parrot is a perennial favorite among bird lovers looking for a wonderful, loving pet. This bird is a natural scene stealer with its bright and bold plumage and curious eyes. Find out more about the characteristics and personality of this lovely bird.

Get to know the eclectic one

The Eclectus parrot (scientific name Eclectus roratus) is commonly found in New Guinea, the Moluccas, Sumba, Solomon Islands and certain parts of Australia. The species is easily recognizable because of the very obvious sexual dimorphism the birds exhibit through the colors of their plumage. Male Eclectus parrots are generally covered in green plumage while females show off red and blue or purple colors. This difference is so distinct that early ornithologists thought the males were a different species from the females.


As a member of the parrot family, the Eclectus is all-business: stocky and heavy-bodied at around 14 inches in length, with a short tail and the characteristic colorings of each gender. The male’s bright green body color is usually highlighted by a yellowish color on its head; the flanks are red and its primary wings are blue. A band of yellow runs the edge of its tail. The female shows bright red colors that run dark on its wings and back. Her underwing is slightly purplish and the wings are bluish-mauve at the edges.There are at least nine subspecies belonging to the Eclectus roratus, most of which can be distinguished based on their exhibited colors. The E.r.biaki, E.r.aruensis and E.r.polychloros males have dark green plumage while the E.r.vosmaeri and E.r.solomonensis have bright yellow green feathers. Some subspecies, such as the E.r.vosmaeri and E.r.roratus have a lavender or purple breasts while others, such as the E.r.biaki, E.r.polychloros, E.r.aruensis and E.r.solomonensis have blue breasts.

The Eclectus parrot as a pet

Many pet lovers choose this bird because of its striking beauty.  The Male, with its bright almost fake green color,  looks so perfect as though he is a stuffed animal and the female colors are amazing with shades of crimson, purple and neon blues.  However, there are many more reasons to choose one of these lovely parrots.  Their  intelligence and friendly easy going  attitude make them the perfect choice for those who want everyone in the family to be able to hold,  interact with, and just enjoy being in their company as a part of your family.  The Eclectus is a highly inquisitive parrot in which every owner should take advantage of this curious nature to teach the bird to talk.

Because of its longevity, this bird is a lifetime companion, having a life span of about 50 years. When looking for an Eclectus parrot for sale, make sure to purchase only from a responsible,   breeder or seller. Fortunately for you, you’re at the right place as we are a responsible breeder who breed happy and friendly birds, like the Eclectus.


In the wild, the bird eats mostly fruits, some seeds, nuts and the buds of flowers and leaves. What it loves best, however, are papaya, pomegranate, figs, mangos, bananas and guavas. It will also appreciate pears, grapes and apples. The bird needs high sources of fiber, so aside from fruits and some leafy vegetables, it will also benefit from walnuts and almonds.