Maximilian Pionus

The Maximilian Pionus breed of parrot is the largest of the Pionus species, all of which are currently enjoying a big rise in popularity. More and more people are discovering what delightful pets all the Pionus parrots make, and how perfectly they fit into the family. However, of all the Pionus birds, it is definitely the Maximilian Pionus which arouses the greatest enthusiasm, and has the largest army of fans throughout the world. There are so many reasons why the Maximilian Pionus makes a great pet.

In appearance, the Maximilian seems less brightly colored than the other Pionus birds, with predominantly brownish-green feathers on the back, and a greenish-blue throat. When you look at them in the sunlight, though, you see a shining array of dazzling, yet subtle, colors over back, wings and tail. All Maximilians, including the young ones, are distinguished by their light red eye rings.

However, it is not because of their coloring that so many people choose the Maximilian as a pet — as many owners have said, their color is in their personalities, not their body. The Maximilian Pionus is popular for its fun-loving, sweet disposition, its intelligence and its easy-going behavior, all qualities which make these birds perfect as a family pet, and an excellent choice for the first-time parrot owner. They are also ideal for owners who have full-time jobs, as they do not demand your undivided attention. As long as you provide your bird with a big roomy cage and plenty of toys, he will play happily on his own, and give you a big welcome when you get home.

Once you do get home, he will want to be with you, and will sit happily on your shoulder or hand while you do things round the house. Of course, like people, all birds are individuals, and vary in the amount of special attention they want. Some insist on being on your shoulder all the time, while others are happy with 10-15 minutes once or twice a day.

Yet another reason why the Maximilian Pionus makes a great pet is that it is known for its calmness, unlike almost every other species of parrot, which can get very demanding and easily frustrated. Most parrots scream and screech if they do not get their own way, whereas the Maximilian is usually very quiet. This makes them great for apartments, as your neighbors probably will not even realize you have a parrot.

Although the Maximilian Pionus does not scream, it does talk. Pionus birds are generally not the best talkers of the parrot family, but Maximilians have the biggest vocabulary of all the Pionus birds, and they also love imitating common household sounds. Maximilians are extremely trainable, and love you to spend time with them teaching them words, as well as teaching them other tricks, like stepping up.

Because of their calm personality, Maximilian Pionus birds usually present very few behavior problems. They are usually affectionate with their owners, and very seldom bite or peck.   One trait which sometimes worries owners is their habit of wheezing when they are nervous or excited — this is actually nothing to worry about, and stops once they calm down.

Of all the reasons why the Maximilian Pionus makes a great pet, probably the most important is that he will be devoted to you. He not only enjoys being with you, but enjoys entertaining you and making you laugh. He will give you love and companionship, and will expect the same from you in return.