Military Macaw Parrots

It is said that the Military Macaw parrot, gets its name due to the color and brilliance of its plumage, as they look as though they are dressed for a military parade with the predominately green feathers, sky blue tips on the slender flight feathers and a long red tail, with blue edging. The curved beak is capped with a red row of feathers over a strong, gray/black beak. The facial patch under its eyes is white with black striping, making the parrot distinct in its appearance.

A well-cared-for Military Macaw parrot will live between upto 80 years, a life-long friend and companion to its owner. If you are wondering about having a Military Macaw as a pet, then you’ve come to the right place as we have the basic information you need to know here.

This parrot is approximately 27 inches long, from its head to the tip of its tail, with a wingspan of 33-43 inches, weighing in at 2 to 2 and a half pounds on average. The macaw is a strong bird that can fly up to 40 mph even in strong winds. They are loud, boisterous birds, where screaming comes naturally to them, as they call out to each other in the wild, defining territory and making contact with other macaws. This can make them a poor choice for people who have neighbors that can be disturbed by really loud noises. (Sorry apartment dwellers but a Military Macaw probably isn’t for you.) Macaws however, while do have loud calls at certain times of the day, unless they have not been properly socialized or are lacking in attention, they do not typically scream frequently throughout the day, I have found the Military Macaws can be quite independent when they need to be and can happily play for hours with their toys without screaming at all.

If you are looking at Military Macaws for sale, you should be prepared to take extreme care of the one you choose to adopt or buy. These birds are friendly and social and have a keen curiosity and sharp intelligence. They are quite aware of all that surrounds them and they love to keep busy, forever exploring and loving interaction with their human companions. It is important that any toys or objects that you may put in their cages are free of toxic paint and any other harmful substance, as they will love to chew things around them.

Although the Military Macaw can be messy with its food and droppings, they enjoy being clean, being sprayed with lukewarm water, having baths often and playing in the water, making splashes. When the macaw gets the attention it needs, it is very healthy, affectionate, alert, and loves to play tricks and keep busy.

The Military Macaw parrot should have a cage at a minimum size of 3 feet by 4 feet by 5 feet, as they need exercise and flying room. Choosing a cage that is too small will impact the happiness of the bird and can cause the bird to screaming problems and aggression in the future.

They require fresh water and food daily such as pellets, seeds and oily nuts. Clean the floor of the cage, wash the perches and toys weekly. A mineral bar is ideal for them to sharpen their beaks or special cement or sand perches.

With proper training, you will have a friend and companion for life one that will entertain you with a silly goofy personality and wonderful fun antics..