Moustached Parakeets

A moustache parakeet, also referred to as a moustached parrot, is a medium-size, colorful bird. A member of the ringneck parrot family, these parrots are outgoing and intelligent, and if properly raised, they become very playful pets.

Moustached parakeets have black shadings both below and above their beaks, from which they get their name. They typically grow to a size of 13 to 16 inches long and  have a life span of approximately 25-30 years.  Female moustache Parrots have black beaks, while their male counterparts boast a  red beaks. They are native to southern China, Indonesia and the Himalayas.

Environment and Training

The most spacious cage affordable should be provided for the moustache parakeet so that the bird can climb around at will and not feel stifled. It is wise to place numerous interesting toys within the cage, as such parrots are highly intelligent and quickly become bored in the absence of stimulus.

In addition, it is wise to allow the bird to leave its cage for a considerable amount of time each day.  Moustache parrots are highly fond of chewing, therefore a significant amount of chewable, safe toys should be provided to the bird on a regular basis. This chewing instinct is natural and the parrot will find a way to satisfy it with or without help from its owner.

Similar to most parrot breeds, moustache parrots must have companionship on a regular basis.

These birds are capable of learning to talk and can also easily be taught to do tricks if one has the time and patience to devote to the task. This can be especially fun for children, who may wish to help train the parrot to perform simple tricks.

I have found that these truly amazing and wonderful birds can easily charm you.  I myself have fallen completely in love with these truly wonderful birds.  They have adorable infant like sounds when they are babies from little crys to cooing when content.  I love to watch these little cuties as they grow and try to learn new things.  Its almost as though they are eager and strive to learn and actually will look up into your eyes studying your face to see your reaction to the new achievments they have made.  These birds in my opinion are completely enchanting.


A moustache Parrots diet typically consists of vegetables, fresh fruits and dried fruits. Pellet food is also used as part of the bird’s regular diet. Most birds of this type enjoy orchard fruits such as apples or figs. With proper care, the moustache parakeet will bring joy to virtually any household for many years, and when one becomes familiar with the bird’s fun and engaging personality, he or she will surely fall in love with this beautiful and exotic creature.