The person who said that good things arrive in smaller packages must definitely have been referring to parrotlets. With their endearing personalities, colorful plumage, cute size, soft voices and comedic behavior, parrotlets are rapidly becoming the small parrot pet of choice for many people. At under 6 inches long, make no mistake that parrotlets are genuine parrots, with a few of the vices, but all of the virtues.

Parrotlets as Pets

Parrotlets as pets who are hand fed and frequently become totally dedicated companions who love to spend time with their owners. Parrotlets can learn to speak and are rather comical when playing with their toys, or entertaining their owners with gymnastics – like hanging by their toes or beaks. In contrast to several larger parrots, they do not have a problem amusing themselves throughout the day using their toys, whilst their owners are working. Once the owner comes back, they will chirp a welcome greeting and expect to be taken out to hide in the hair of their owner, or be carried about inside a pocket.

Parrotlets are extremely clever and can learn how to speak and do several tricks. Some parrotlets have vocabularies over one hundred words, and some speak multiple languages.    The parrotlets that speak the best have owners who speak to them regularly, as opposed to just a few minutes every day. Proper training sessions of 10 minutes a few times each day will also help.

Parrotlets appear to observe the tongue, lips and mouth of whoever is speaking, and this is accomplished best with personal interaction. Parrotlets might not suit everyone, but if you want a parrot with loads of personality that will not chew the kitchen table, consider buying a parrotlet. You will acquire a wonderful pet whose comedic behavior will keep you amused and, not to mention, a devoted companion.