Crushed Walnut Shell

Crushed Walnut Shell is a simple way to keep your cages neat and clean with a rich looking appearance.  This stuff is GREAT!!  Its fantastic for anyone but for those of us with multiple birds its a must!!

You simply sift it like kitty litter each day and change it out about once a month and you will blow thru daily cage maintenance the bottom of your cages will look so much nicer than yucky news paper!!

This stuff is super economical and makes life so much easier.

  • 50 lb bag:  $35

Roudy Bush Daily Maintenance Pellets

Are you Looking for a HEALTHY way to feed your birds, that creates LESS MESS and is COST EFFECTIVE?

Switch your birds to a healthy “True Pellet” Diet.   Roudy Bush has a healthy balance of proteins, fats, fiber, vitamins, minerals and calcium.

We carry pellet sizes for all species and is normally in stock at all times.

This product is sold by the pound and you can buy as little or as much as you would like at a time, we just weigh it out for you.

Or if you have lots of birds and wish to order in larger quantities, it is also available by the bag.

  • Per Pound:  $3
  • 25 lb Bag: $62.50

*Local pickup only.