Rescue Program

Traci’s Parrots 4 U is a Utah Parrot Rescue and Rehome Business

This page is about our adoption program where we rehome and rescue birds in Utah.  We find new homes for birds brought to us using this program and help these birds have a happy life with a family who can care for them.  We’ll go over some basic information about whether this is right for you and your bird and some frequently asked questions about the program.  At the end of the page you’ll find a form to fill out if you wish to relinquish your parrot to our adoption program.

Should you give up your parrot for adoption?

As always, I’d like to remind people that a lot of birds bond very strongly to their human flock.  We encourage you to take this into consideration when deciding to surrender and re-home your parrot as this can be very stressful for your feathered companion.   While we operate in part as a parrot rescue in Utah we strongly recommend investigating alternatives to having your parrots adopted.   We would love to get in touch with you and help you work through possible problems with your parrot before you go with adoption.  We believe being a Utah parrot rescue includes “rescues” where we train people to better understand their parrot friend and help them work through whatever issues ails them.  Biting, screaming, plucking, etc., does not need to end your relationship!

If you are having behavioral issues with a parrot we are always happy to try to help.  We believe it’s always best for the bird if he stays in the home that he has grown accustomed to as long as he is being well cared for.   Our Facebook page is a great place to get new information about parrot behavior and solutions to fix common problems.  There are other parrot owners on that page too (just like you) that have their own experiences with their parrots who also may be able to help answer questions you have about your parrot.

Often times we hear people say they feel it’s “best for the bird” if it finds a new home where it can get more attention than they are able to give.  However consider a child whose parents both work.  Surely the child would rather have parents who spend all the time in the world with them, however I believe most would not rather live with another family just to gain a few extra hours.  Consider making your time with your parrot quality over quantity.  It is a fact of the world we live in, especially in today’s society that none of us seem to have enough time in a day to fit everything in.  However we plug along and do the very best we can.  Letting those we love know we love them through stability and commitment.

Now if you have carefully considered all aspects of needing to re-home a bird and still decide it is necessary than we are certainly here to help.  We have made these creatures our life.  We are dedicated to continuing to study and learning more and more about these amazing animals.  We want to do what is in their best interest.

So if you are needing to re-home your bird here is what you can expect if you choose to bring your bird to us.  We will take excellent care of the birds while they reside in our home waiting for a new family to adopt them.  We will use information you have given us about the bird and what we observe ourselves to help us find the right home for the parrot.  We strive to match the right bird with the right home.  How we do this is through a series of questions from potential new adopters helping to evaluate what bird might best fit their situation.  We are constantly placing emphasis on education via our Facebook page and long hours of counseling when people contact us with questions.

Our belief is if people are armed with enough information before making a choice and then given the opportunity to always have a support system in place when questions or problems arise then this makes for the best chance of the parrot and humans being able to have a successful life long relationship.

Do we charge a fee for taking in your bird?

No.  There is no charge for relinquishing your parrot to us for re-homing.  We do ask whenever possible that you will send with your bird their cage, any toys, food etc… that may make your birds transition easier.

Do we charge a fee for adopting one of our rescue birds?


If birds are given to us free of charge then why do we charge a fee to get them into a new home?

The reasons for this is many.  To start with, there are many costs involved with taking in a parrot that is needing to find a new home.  There are the costs of feeding the parrot the high quality food we provide, there are costs of maintaining the cage with substrate and cleaning supplies, there are costs with making sure the birds always have toys to chew and play with, there are additional costs of lighting and maintaining our home with an extra room to house these parrots, there is a lot of time and energy involved with making ourselves home and available to show these birds, there are minutes spent on cell phone bills taking lots and lots of calls for parrots, there is time spent answering post adoption questions when situations arise that the new owner may not know how to deal with, so that the bird can remain in the home.  There are often times vet bills incurred from parrots who have been neglected or mistreated.  There is also the consideration that we have chosen to take our love for these creatures and make it our lives, therefore we have chosen a profession which allows us to do what we love best which is work with the birds.  This is not a profession which will ever put us in a position of wealth, however because it is something we dedicate our lives to full time like any other job we need to collect a salary that will allow us to continue what we are doing.

If you really cared about the birds you wouldn’t want to make money off of them.

I remind you that if we did not collect a salary for doing this, we could not maintain a home to house them, electricity and gas to keep them warm in the winters, provide food etc…. Unfortunately neither my husband or myself were born independently wealthy we must work for a living.  We have decided to make this our life work.  We do not take this lightly.  We care very deeply for the animals in our care and strive to help them in any way we can within the means we have to do so.  If we did not make a little something we would go broke quickly.  Consider some of these birds will sadly come in with no cages, or inappropriate cages that must be replaced.  Again our goal is not to get rich.  Our goal is to make a living like anyone else and to give to the animals in our care love and consideration in making their lives better.

Wouldn’t a true animal lover do it just because?

Trust me if I were independently rich I would do just that.  I would buy them all the best just because I could.  However consider these other professions:  How about a veterinarian, would you say they are greedy and wrong because they charge for helping  animals? Would you say that if they really cared they would heal them for free?  Or the teachers who teach our children would you say if they really cared about kids and their futures they should work on a volunteer basis?  Of course not, because reality is none of us can dedicate all of our time to something on simply a volunteer basis or we would not be able to afford to live ourselves.

What are fees based on?

While its true some birds will cost thousands in surgeries trying to save them, others will cost very little.  This has to just average out.  Obviously if someone were asked to pay an adoption fee based on vet bills and costs incurred per each individual bird, some poor birds would never get adopted as nobody is going to pay a$2500 adopt fee on a 20 year old Cockatoo with a ton of issues.  So our fees are based on the average market value of each particular bird based on their age, temperament, physical condition etc….  We feel this is a fair way to average everything out and also ensure that a potential adopter is not going to just try to adopt a  bird because it’s “cheap”.  This way, if it is priced the same as any other who is comparable then when someone adopts a  particular bird it is because that is the bird that they feel would be the best match, this way they are not swayed by the price.  We want birds to stay in homes forever and we have spent years analyzing trends and trying to figure out the best scenarios to come out with the best possible outcomes.  Just realize that money made off of one bird who maybe didn’t need a whole lot of care, is money that can go toward helping one of the birds who may need lots of care.

Our goal is always to make a perfect match and have the bird live happily ever after in the home we have placed it in.  However this being an imperfect world sometimes things come up, unforeseen emergencies.  In these cases, and we do our best to make them few and far between, we will always ask that the bird then be returned to our care so long as we have space to take that bird in at the time so that we can then again make certain of the  birds continued well being and transition into another home.  This is our way of trying to always keep track of the bird and make sure no harm ever comes to it.  We feel very responsible to the birds who are placed in our care and care for each one very much and a piece of our hearts stays with each and every one.

Space Issues

We sadly are limited by space and manpower being there is only so many hours in a day.  Therefore we will not be able to take in every single  bird that we are asked to take in at any given time.  Please understand this is to ensure proper care for the parrots entrusted to us.  We do not want to over encumber ourselves and not be able to give the quality care and conditions we pride ourselves on.  We also want to always remember our own feathered flock depends on us to make time for them, we also must make time for our marriage and our children.  This can be quite a balancing act at times, but we have routines and standards and so long as we can keep those ever in mind than we will do well in all areas of our lives.

If you have a bird you adopted from us or anywhere else and we do not have space at the time you are requesting, we will do our best to help assist you in finding a home for your parrot, while the parrot remains with you.  When space becomes available if you are still needing us to take the parrot  in we will of course notify you and will take the parrot into our home at that time.

Couldn’t I just put an ad in the classifieds and sell the bird myself?

The answer is absolutely.  The reason some people will choose to call us as opposed to doing it themselves is sometimes they do not have the time, or sometimes they are concerned they will not know the proper way to screen the potential new home and make sure it is a good fit.  They also fear that if they don’t have answers later when people call with behavior questions that their bird will wind up back in the classifieds because the new owners simply don’t know what to do and they don’t know where to turn.  Or they simply may not want to deal with constant phone calls from the new owners as they are trying to move on with whatever situation put them in the position of having to re-home the bird in the first place.

How can you be a breeder and a rescue, isn’t that a conflict of interest?

The answer is absolutely NOT.  We believe there will always be a need for rescue however that does not mean that breeding should stop because of it.  We believe it is not breeding that poses the problems rather irresponsible breeding.  We feel you ought to be responsible for the lives you help bring into this world.  Which means every baby bird we raise is sold only to loving individuals and families whose  intentions are to make the bird a part of their family.  We do not sell to brokers or pet stores as we feel it is our job to educate the people taking a baby home to screen each new buyer to make sure they are making an informed decision and to make sure they understand the commitment.  We also are then always available to answer our customers questions along the way so they do not get discouraged.  Often times the reason so many birds get re-homed is because someone bought the bird from either another uninformed party or a store where they were not helped to make sure they were choosing the right bird to fit into their home.  Or perhaps they get a sweet baby home and a year and a half later the bird goes through “terrible twos” just like people do and nobody told them about it, or there is nobody available to help them through that stage.  They then feel helpless and feel as though their sweet bird has turned on them or is no longer happy and then away it goes onto be re-homed.

Our customers keep in touch with us, we answer questions daily and are there if ever needed so that again the hope is birds and humans can live happily ever after with each other.

Does this mean that every person who buys a bird from a responsible breeding situation will never end up putting their bird in a rescue situation?  Certainly not, it is not a perfect world.  However it absolutely serves to minimize this greatly.  In addition we take responsibility for those we brought in and so they can come back to us should the family have a situation occur and we again strive to find the bird another hopefully permanent home.

Why should people buy baby birds when there are so many needing to be adopted?

First, not everyone is a good candidate for a re-homed bird.  Sadly when birds are re-homed it will cause varying levels of issues depending on how often this has occurred and what has occurred in their lives.  Not every person is equipped to take these situations on.  It would not be smart to place a bird who has some of these issues with someone lacking the experience to deal with it.  It is then smarter to have those people get baby birds allow them to get to know parrots learn some things and then possibly take on a parrot with some baggage the second time around when they have gotten some experience learning to understand and read a birds body language.  If you place a bird in a home that cannot handle the  bird you run the risk of the person becoming soured on having a parrot.  This would be a tragedy because if things are done right this person may have become a potential future adopter of an adult parrot.

Or what about the amazing bird owners out there in the world that have rescued parrots and now would like the experience of being able to raise a baby?  If they are good and responsible people why should they be deprived of the  experience of getting to do so?  You see for every bad pet owner out there we have to remember there are wonderful pet owners out there as well.  People who treat their animal friends like family.  We cannot punish those people because of the deeds of others.  This would not only be penalizing good people it would be depriving a new feathered soul from coming into this world and being shown a tremendous life.

My great grandmother had a dog named Bimmie, If any of you had ever met her and Bimmie you might have wished you were born a dog and had her for a mommy.  That dog was spoiled to the hilt, that dog had no idea he was a dog he was more of royalty.  He ate off of only China plates and Drank out of China cups.  He had her there to wipe him after he went outside to go potty.  See we can’t get completely cynical on this world yet, there are still incredible people out there.

Besides would we say to human beings you can no longer have children of your own so long as there are children who need to be adopted?  No we cannot.  Good people have the right to bear and raise children and children in foster care have the right to be adopted  by good people who choose that route.

So hopefully you can see there is a need for both rescue and adopters of the rescue and also breeding and people who will take home a baby bird.

Will my bird be placed into your breeding program? 

No, not unless we have determined that breeding is the best area for your bird and not without prior discussion and consent on your part.  Not all birds do well in a breeding program, some are simply more people birds then they are birds’ birds.  We are always trying to do what would be in the best interest of the bird.  Some birds however long to have a bird companion and may do best in that setting.  However rest assured your bird will NOT be kept here as a breeder unless we have discussed this with you thoroughly first and you have given your approval for this.  Our goal with the rescue program is not to build our breeding stock but rather to do whatever is in the best interest of the parrot.

If you have decided to have us help you with placing your bird in a new loving home please fill out the Rescue Release form and we will promptly contact you.  You can also contact us at any time 801-413-9690. 

Rescue / Adoption Form