Bird Sitting

Bird Sitting Available in our home.  You must make arrangements with us to make sure we have space available to accomodate your feathered friend(s).  We will only take in a limited number of birds at a time so that you can be sure your bird can receive the best possible care while you are away.

Included in our fee we will provide the cage for your bird to stay in while visiting us, toys, and food.  If you would prefer your bird to have his own cage, toys, or food, you are welcome to bring and provide those things.

Unless you instruct us to do otherwise your bird will be treated like family with daily interaction, as any of our own birds would be treated.

If we do not have space available we will try to provide with you references or other options.

  • Small to Medium Birds: $10 per day
  • Large Birds (Cockatoos and Macaws): $15 per day