Paulette Inman says:

My family has been into birds for the past thirty years, and I admit that it was all my fault. Perhaps it was destiny that my parents named me Pauli, but either way, I have been nose deep into loving and caring for these feathered members of our family ever since. Of the many years I’ve worked with birds, five of them were dedicated to working directly with breeders in Phoenix—I worked with everything from the gouldian finch to a hyacinth macaw. When I got married and had a couple boys, we started to discuss what type of bird would be the best fit for my bunch. I knew I wanted to find a breeder who was not only knowledgeable, honest, and had a huge love for her birds, but I wanted to be sure the birds’ environment was clean so our baby would be healthy—so much of the bird’s future health depends on the start they get from their breeder! My research soon connected me with Traci. She let us visit and get to know her and her birds. I have been completely impressed with her business. She helped my family connect with the type of bird that would be the best fit for our needs and situation, and she has humored my millions of questions. A couple months later, we took home Gemini, a male Solomon Island Eclectus, and I can’t say enough about this little angel! Our avian vet did full blood work on Gemini (something all bird owners should plan to do) and gave him two thumbs up for his health. Since then, Traci has kept in touch with us to make sure that everyone is adjusting well—which we are. I want to thank Traci for her help and for the great love that she has for all of our birds. It’s obvious in everything she does.


Bryce Galloway says:

Traci is a very caring breeder who cares about all of her birds and wants the best for them, and wont just try to sell you a bird to make a quick dime. 
The day I wrote Traci on Facebook asking what kind of birds she had. She responded right back to me in a matter of minutes. 
She was very helpful from the beginning letting me know that if I had any question that I could ask her and that she would help me with whatever question I had. 
She made it so easy for me to come and visit with my new baby bird and while I was there she made sure she was there to answer our questions about the bird I just bought. 
She had started doing baby parties where people could go and visit with their birds they just bought, or just to go and play with the baby birds she had, it was always so much fun to go over to her house to play with all the happy little birds, and to see how much those birds really love her. 
She had kept me informed on the status of my bird so that I knew what was going on. 
The day I went and got my new parrot, Traci gave me all the information on the things I needed to know when I brought my parrot home. She also wrote me that night to ask how my new parrot was doing! 
You wont be disappointed if you choose Traci to buy a parrot from Because your not only getting a parrot your getting a very caring, knowledgeable breeder who will always be there for you and your parrot!


Brandon and Bridget Fielding say:

Dinosaurs. Well, actually, it was geology two hundred and something, but the class was unofficially dubbed dinosaurs in the course catalog. I took this class during the senior year of my university educational experience, and learned that modern day birds are the closest living relatives to the good ol’ dinos of old. Naturally, being 1) a boy and 2) a lifetime tyrannosaur enthusiast, I wanted one. So in searching for a breeder, I stumbled across Traci and her wonderful aviary online. At first I was a bit skeptical after reading some horror stories about breeders on the interwebs, and worrying that Traci wouldn’t be as thorough or careful with her feathered friends as my Google searches recommended was necessary. All that was gone, however, when we first met Traci in person and saw the amazing condition and temperament of her birds. The little guys were adventurous, inquisitive, and far ahead of their time developmentally as compared to any other pet store (and breeder, for that matter) birds that my wife and I had seen. We chose our Cockatiel from her then current batch, and had a great 9 months with him before a dog killed him such a short time later. Traci was there for us as we mourned, and so very helpful and thoughtful as we eventually were ready to choose another little dinosaur. We settled on our Rose Breasted Cockatoo, Fawkes, and Traci has been so kind as to let us visit him every weekend (we’re so annoying, right?) for the last two months as he grows and weans. Traci cares so much about her birds and their well being, as well as the customers that she so professionally supplies with such wonderful companions. My wife and I wouldn’t choose anyone else to breed, raise, train, and love our little bird except for Traci and her family. If you are looking for a reputable breeder, look no further. Two thumbs way, way up. -Brandon and Bridget


Samantha Carbury says:

I have been a parroNt since I was 7 years old and recently decided to stop buying pet store birds.  I wanted to make sure that I was buying birds from a caring and responsible breeder however, and not a bird mill.  After a TON of research I found Traci’s Parrots 4 U- and I CANNOT RECOMMEND HER MORE!  I got an AMAZING little quaker (she went out of her way to meet me half-way between her house that is 3.5 hours from mine to get the birdy to me too!) from her rescue that has just tickled me pink from day one.  She knew how much I wanted an Indian Ringneck (we both share a total passion for them!) and she went above and beyond to make sure I got the exact baby I wanted!  She kept everyone updated to their growth- let me know of all of his milestones… WOW!  To say that Traci “breeds” birds is really an insult, she lovingly raises them and makes sure that they go to loving homes.  If you want a truly socialized, sweet, HEALTHY bird from a WONDERFUL family- LOOK NO FURTHER!!!

Samantha Carbury


Matt and Lauren Pearson say:

     " My husband and I found Traci while looking for the perfect bird 
to fit our lifestyle. And not only did she sell us the perfect bird, but 
she has been nothing but amazing! Traci is so helpful- especially for 
first time bird owners like us. We know we can always trust Traci to be 
honest with us about what would be best for us and the birds. She is our 
number one resource and we use her on a constant basis to help us with 
any questions or concerns we have. (And she is always quick to respond 
and happy to help).

     It's unbelievable how much knowledge she has on just about every 
type of bird! She has saved us (and birds!) from heartbreaks and 
frustrations by educating us as much as possible before we choose to add 
a specific bird to our family. 

 Traci cares just as much about the people she sells to as she does 
about the awesome baby birds and rescues she sells. We wouldn't 
recommend anyone buying baby birds or rescues from anyone else. "

-Matt and Lauren Pearson

Kim Tran Says

I got your boy, a 6 months old Eclectus this past Monday. He is so sweet,tamed & talking. I feel that your boy is the very best bird that I have ever owned!
I had gone through 8 different breeders in the past 10 months. I find that many other breeders were into quick sales & once I paid them in full payments & given them generous tips, they turned their back & stopped giving me customer service.
I found Traci through referral in the Eclectus forum, when members were aware that I was desperately looking for a most trusted & reliable breeder.
From day one I made my phone call to Traci, interviewed her,emailed her … & had paid Traci full payment on her “Green Goblin”. Not once had she failed to answer my email & my phone calls!
To this day Traci & I are keeping in touch updating on her boy. 
Yesterday I had called Traci & found out that she was waiting for her husband in th ER., I had to tell her that I can call her another time& Traci happily took her time & talked to me on the phone for almost an hour. She & I talked & laughed.
I find that Traci loves people , loves her passions & her characters truly show on her work, her love for all her animals & my most beloved “Green Goblin”!
I remain so grateful to Traci ,George , her family & the fB friend who had referred me to Traci.
You’re the best & you have provided me a most loving & tamed bird. And definitely 5 stars customer service!


Sarah S. Says

I just wanted to say what an awesome friend and bird breeder Traci is. I met her a few years ago through WAES when I was fostering and interested in adopting a macaw. I had wanted a macaw for many years and felt the time was right. She helped me with questions and concerns I had about getting a large bird, and was really positive and friendly. I had since wanted another macaw for some time, and was finally able to get a baby blue & gold from Traci. As soon as she sent me the picture, my heart melted! I went and met my clumsy baby macaw, and and soon after took her home. Traci’s babies were all very healthy and happy, and the nursery very clean and well kept. She always welcomes you over to visit your baby while it is being hand fed and answer any questions you have. Her family is very kind and laid back and just fun to be around. She really makes sure the bird you want is the right species to fit your lifestyle and that you will really be able to give it a lifelong commitment. She will talk people out of cockatoos and instead direct them towards a conure if she feels the bird might not be the right one, she is not just trying to make money off of people. She really cares about the birds and their futures and genuinely connects with her customers. My baby blue & gold is now just a few weeks shy of a year old, and is a wonderful healthy happy young bird. She puts so much love and attention into raising them that they go home happy and adjust well to their new homes. If I ever point anyone in the direction of buying a bird, it will be to her home!

Sarah & Flock


Reese P. Says

Awhile back my daughter asked for lovebirds. It took me about a year to say yes. Kids don’t always follow thru with their pets & I didn’t know if I could do it. Once I said ok we started looking for hand fed babies. We found Traci. I thought she was just somebody whose lovebirds had babies & was trying to make a few bucks (we clearly knew nothing about birds). Before we committed to anything Traci let us come over to see these tiny, fuzzy little creatures. They were so ugly they were cute! We committed to them & made our deposit. In the weeks that followed Traci answered every question & let us come to visit & sent pictures. Every time we went over her house was clean. It looked clean & smelled clean & was just clean! With all those birds & other pets I thought it would eventually smell like the zoo but I’ve been there many times since & its always the same! Clean! Clean! Clean! I’ve been really impressed with that. Traci’s birds are always talking & happy. I look forward to going to get food for my babies so I can see all of her sweet birds. I’ve since gotten a Black Cap Conure who loves me & most recently a beautiful rescue cockatoo who hates me. I even got a little GCC from a friend & Traci answers all my questions on that little guy even though she didn’t raise him. She answers all my questions, all the time, even late at night. She checks on me & Junior (the cockatoo) & worries about how we’re doing. I always feel like she really cares about me & my kids/fids & everyone else & their families as well. She’s so sweet & cute & patient. She lets us sit on her couch for hours to visit our babies. I know she’s got lots to do but she always makes time for us. Now, because of Traci, I know I can be a good birdy parent. I could go on & on about how neat Traci, her family, & her business is but I’ll just end with my son’s words (he’s 9)- Traci’s House Rocks!!!

Reese P.


Kara says

I was really impressed with how warm and welcoming Traci made her home feel to us when we decided to get our first Moustache Parakeet.She even invited us to a pool party for the Avian Rescue she is actively involved in .  Her house was really clean and bright and you could hear parrots saying things like “hubert” and “Hello” all throughout the house. All of her birds looked healthy and energetic and friendly and even comical especially her swinging Macaw.  She was really informative about what Hand feeding formula the birds had been fed and how old they were and what food they were weaned on. I had purchased a bird that had major health problems from a pet store when I was an uninformed bird parent in years past and I was really informed this time around that’s why I decided to buy from a breeder.  Traci showed me the living conditions of some of her breeding pairs of birds and was open to help us with any questions we may have after we got our “Newbie” home.
We have since purchased a second Moustache Parakeet from Traci  we named “Ono” and this time I decided to finish the hand feeding myself to increase my bond with him. When I picked him up from Traci she gave me all the hand feeding supplies and support I needed to finish the job.I also really liked that he came with a Hatch date certificate and photo it really made him feel like a real baby !  She even followed up with me frequently for updates on how he was doing during the weaning process and after to see how he was doing with our other birds. She talked to me about behaviors I was concerned with and what to expect while he was going through the weaning stages. She even went out of her way to get me a cage so that his would match my other 3 birds cages at home.

I can honestly say anyone who is seriously thinking about getting a parrot to get one from Traci and her Family. I have purchased birds from other breeders and they are not as up front, open , educated , loving and dedicated to parrots as Traci and her family are. I really feel that if I had a question or concern I could contact her any time for support. It is really important to have someone with vast knowledge on parrots to talk to ,there is a whole bunch of stuff on the web that is deadly wrong, access to an avian vet is limited and  some vets are not as knowledgeable as someone who has lived with and cared for parrots for over a decade.

Thank you for our Cuddle Bugs !

— Kara & Waylon




Lisa Brooks/Weaver says

I have two wonderful birds that we got From Traci and George!  I remember going down to get our first bird and thinking holy cow its so clean and all the birds were so well kept and loved. I was a new bird person and has so many questions and they acted like they had all the time in the world to help, I never felt like okay here’s your bird, good luck with that. I have had to text and ask questions and Traci answered right away and is always there to help in any way I need it. I feel sorry for those folks who buy their bird from a pet store, you would never get the care and attention that is required to responsibly own a bird. Also one thing that is just outstanding is the fact that you get a beautiful new cage and food and toys so you are all set up to help your new baby have a wonderful new beginning.  Traci has a great knack at matching a baby that will fit your personality and lifestyle, she really cares about what she is doing and loves the birds in her care. I would never buy a bird from anyone other than Traci because I know they have the very best start in life and I know I am taking home a healthy, happy bird.

Lisa Brooks/Weaver


Linda Williams says

Traci I just had to let you and others know how very happy I am with my Senegal Parrot, Peaches! From the minute my neighbors in Hurricane picked her up she’s been the most loving and so social. I’ve had her a little over two months. A friend in neighborhood said you don’t want a bird!!! (and two I’m crazy!) Well guess what, as soon as he comes in to play with my shephard, Peaches is dancing and asking for his attention! After he pets on Rex he immediately goes to Peaches and has to hold her and Peaches gives him kisses and loves the neck rubs. He really loves her, laughs and says I’ve got her spoiled!! I’m anxiously waiting to get my newest addition, Bandit, Moustache Parakeet! If he is anything like Peaches, which I know he will be, well words alone can’t Thank You enough for such raising such wonderful babies! My neighbors couldn’t get over how spotless your house is! They said they wouldn’t believe you were a breeder as no smell, no signs of mess (except for the actual birds lol). My neighbors from the beginning have held her and said she’s such a loving  bird!  I want to Thank you for all the calls and texts you answer and especially before I got Peaches the pictures and video you sent! I appreciate the photos and video of Bandit, with how busy you are you go the extra mile and give more. The prices you charge for your babies are the lowest especially with the extra attention, food, cage etc. you can’t get that bargain anywhere little lone the extra care you give each of them to make them social and so very loving. Peaches loves her pellets and veggies. Other breeders just get them weaned and turn them out and want some people to finish up weaning. You make sure they’re fully weaned and eating pellets, which makes them the healthiest! Thanks you again to you and your entire family for everything. Peaches has brought me so much happiness! 🙂

Sincerely Linda Williams


Amber Richards says:

I adopted a rescued 12 year old umbrella cockatoo and a very special baby severe macaw from traci and her family. Im so very happy that i went through traci for my babies, they came to me so loved i will never go anywhere else for these very special feather kids. traci has helped me so much at any hour of the day exspecially for my pain in the butt but very very loved U2, traci has been there every step of the way helping me get my U2 adjusted i dont know i would have done it without her. i couldnt imagine buying a new feather kid from anyone else, her babies are so very loved and well taken care of. im so very blessed to have these two wonderful feather kids in my life they are my family my kids my babies, my U2 “kelso” is the funniest thing ever most ppl think he might be evil but he is my best friend…really i talk to him more than i talk to my husband lol. he is so smart and just cracks me up every day he laughs at my kids when they get in trouble he is always on my side when my husband and i argue (kelso yells at him), i am so in love with this boy i just dont understand how his previous owners could have lived without him. my lil mini macaw “tailey” is my sweet little angel, she is so very very special to me i am her mommy and will be forvever she just melts my heart. miss tailey was born with a birth defect causing her a  health condition that I knew when I adopted her, due to this she may not live long but she deserves to be spoiled and loved just as much or more than any bird, im so lucky to be able to be her mommy. miss tailey and her grimlin voice just cracks me up, shes learning so fast and i jump with joy when she says a new word just like when my kids started talking. she now dances to music and sings (in her own way) in the shower while she dances, shes so full of personality. thank you traci so much for everything i am so glad i got to meet you you are such a wonderful person, and thank you so much for always being there to answer any questions i had even the silly ones lol.


Caroline Malott says:

I do not even know where to start to tell you the AWESOME experience my family had adopting our Vos Eclectus “Simon” from Traci. Originally, I called her about a totally different type of parrot and after talking to her at length, she helped me choose an Eclectus for my family. She was spot on with her recommendation! Simon was only 4 weeks old when I reserved him so we had to wait a couple of months for him to be ready to come home. Traci kept in constant contact with me – she answered every email, phone call and text promptly. She sent me MANY pictures, sometimes on her own and sometimes by request! Simon flew to us via United airlines – everything went very smoothly – Traci texted me through out the day checking in with me she was so excited and anxious for Simon to arrive! When he arrived he was making baby noises – I fed him pellets on the drive home and even held him close so he felt safe! When we arrived home from the airport, it was like he had been here for ages – he let everyone hold him, he ate and drank, he played with his toys. I would recommend Tracy hands down – there is no other breeder or pet store I would ever go to no matter if there was a wait or not! It is obvious to me how much time Traci and her family put into raising their birds. They truly care!!!!!


Christine Lipscomb says:

Oh my gosh Traci, he is AMAZING!!! What a sweetheart! He wants to be where ever we go and it’s only his first day with us! We got to United Cargo (who I was very impressed with, they really showed tremendous care) and he was brought over to us and we set his carrier on the chair, peeled the netting open, peeked inside and we here this sweet little voice say “Hellooooo…”. We all looked like deer in the headlights at each other and our hearts melted! He came right up to the “gate” in the carrier and wanted out! It took everything to wait until we had him home. I thought he would be a little quiet and “still” today but no! He has been chatting up a storm all day! We’re pretty sure we heard “pretty bird” and lots of other things he’s trying to say. He has been laughing and I don’t know if it’s your laugh or someone in your family, but it’s so fun! He ate an apple, sprouts, grapes, chard…and tore apart a whole toy… this guy can eat! Did your 10 year old have a lot of interaction with him because he LOVES my kids! Everytime they walk by he begs for them to pick him up. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work getting him to me! He’s everything we hoped for.  LOVE HIM!


Christine Erazo says:

We (my daughter and I) are so very pleased with our parrots that we got from you! I wanted to write a testimonial for you to put up on your website……

To any of you wonderful people out there contemplating on buying a parrot from Traci…..You will NOT be disappointed! We have bought my daughters Patagonian Conure (Tialu), and my Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo (Cedric) from Traci, and they BOTH are amazing! They are so very social and sweet! Now I’m not guaranteeing you that every bird will be like ours, because they are all separate little beings with different personalities just like people differentiate in personality. However, when you have a breeder that is so loving and passionate in raising her birds as Traci is, that is a HUGE advantage to having a sweetheart of a bird! Her whole family is involved with the birds, therefore they are all well socialized and already have been exposed to great family interaction.

I have been so thankful that Traci has been there for every question I had about our birds! She always lets you know to “Please text her with any questions or concerns.” I have taken her up on that 🙂 and she has always been very prompt to respond to my text!!! I know she is such a busy woman, but wants the BEST for our birds…..she truly loves them, so she is there anytime you need her.

I love how Traci educates us on how “Our pets are our family members, we CANNOT just give up on them.” She is soooooo correct in saying that! If we commit to taking on a little life to take care of and love, just like our children….we should not just bounce them off to another home if we get bored with them or problems start to arise! We would not do that to our kids, why should we do that to our pet family members who are counting on us for love and security? Please think about that, it is so important!

I have to say….when my avian vet and I spoke, he was so impressed by how knowledgeable I was about care and feeding etc. I told him that I knew nothing about birds before I got to know Traci. It is only because of her educating me, that I understand so much now. “Thank you Traci,” to you and your family who have spent so much time, love and attention to the physical AND emotional health of your/our birds, it really makes a difference!

With much appreciation,

Christine Erazo


The Terry Family says:

Dear Traci,

We just wanted to update you on the sweet baby cockatiel we bought from you a month and a half ago.  His name is Mauii (like Maui Hawaii with two I’s at the end).  He is definitely part of the family.  We love him so much.  Aubrey loves to play with him.  He has had picnics with us in the backyard and takes showers with Aubrey.  The whole family loves him and even our 4-year-old asks to hold him.  Aubrey holds him and pets him and has made fun, safe toys for him.  He also loves his toys in his cage.  At first he didn’t move around his cage a lot, but now he is all over it and climbs on the toys even.  He chirps to communicate with us, but is not noisy.  He only makes noise to “talk” to us.  He is honestly the best pet ever made!  Thanks for what you do to provide wonderful pets for people.  I have recommended your hand-fed baby  birds to anyone who is thinking about making a bird a part of their family.

The Terry Family


Janie Wheeler says:

Hi Traci,

Just to let you know…he is doing great! Last night, we did as your instructions said (to leave his door open for a little while) and let me say, he is quite the explorer! He walked all over the place! My husband was laying on the floor watching him, and he came up to him, jumped on top of his head, and sat very happily on the brim of his hat. I think it was the cutest when we walked into our bedroom and he followed us in there. 🙂 I think he is adjusting very quickly…which is good! We hand fed him last night, and this morning but after showing him his dish and where his food was, he finally started to eat out of his dish by himself!
He is such a cutie…thanks for being such a good parent to him. I can tell he was very loved from the start.


Mc Kay Crowley says:

Thank you SO much for our new Indian Ringneck! We love him so much! All of the interaction we had with you and your company was absolutely wonderful! You and your husband were very professional and incredibly helpful throughout the entire process. If that wasn’t enough, you have helped us ever since buying the bird with our questions and concerns (NONE of which had to do with the bird’s health, which is EXCELLENT). We are forever grateful to you!

-McKay Crowley (and family)


Vince Campanile says:

I just spent my first day with my baby IRN and I could not be more pleased. Traci is a phenomenal person and bird breeder. When I came to see her birds I was impressed with how happy health and clean her birds are. It said to me that here was a person who really loves her birds. I have a jenday conure that is very flighty and even before I had expressed a desire to purchase an IRN Traci wanted to help me with my jenday. I was totally impressed with her knowledge, and ability to handle my Jenday and all this when she had no guarantee of a sale! Like I said.. this is a person that loves all birds and it shows!

My IRN is an absolute delight. He is healthy, beautiful and a wonderful companion! I cant recommend Traci highly enough for anyone thinking of getting a parrot companion.


Cherie  says:

Me and my husband bought a 5 week old goffins cockatoo still being hand fed from another seller . We got him home and everything went pretty good at first. Then questions came to us. How do we start to wean him ? At what age should he be weaned ? So I called the person we bought him from no answer . So i left a message TWO days later we had our call returned . So i started to ask all the questions I had . No answer they had no clue . I was told to go on the internet to find my answer . Our mouths dropped . So i started to search and search but i could not find exact answers to my questions . We started to freak out . The only thing I could think of doing was to go online  and find Traci’s number because I read that she won’t abandon people after they purchase one of her birds and she has 20 years of experience. So i thought to my self I have to call her . I hope she is willing to help me . I called her and got some awesome advice . A week later I had more questions so i texted her and again she knew answers to all of my questions . Bless her their was a lot of questions lol. I was amazed how fast she responded within minutes if not seconds. So i am writing this to inform people that it is a must to buy your birds from someone who is educated in the birds you are buying and from someone who is caring and as dedicated as Traci is . You will have questions trust me . You will need someone to answer all your questions and the internet does not have all the answers . So please only buy from experienced bird breeders. I know next time I buy a bird it will be from traci. Thanks traci I would have been lost without you . 🙂

Adrienne says:

My family and I have had a fantastic experience working with Traci to find our first bird. She was super easy to get in touch with and responded quickly to my requests for more information. She was incredibly knowledgable and asked great questions to get a better feel for our situation to make the best suggestions about what type of bird to get.
We went to her home one evening to meet some Senegals and Lovebirds. She has wonderful, happy, healthy birds everywhere! Her house is very clean (and now that I clean two cages everyday, this is even more impressive to me!). Each bird has a name, a story, and a place in the family. Traci and her husband were great about answering questions we had about all types of birds, not just the ones we came to see. They are very busy and passionate about their birds and the care they provide, but I have never felt rushed when I've been there.
Traci has a huge heart and also does a lot of rescue work, which is how we ended up with our conures. We also buy our bird food through her. Recently we rescued an African Grey, and Traci has spent lots of time answering questions for me even though the bird didn't come from her.
We are so grateful we found Traci and her family, and it's great to see someone take such fantastic care of so many wonderful animals. I can't recommend her enough! We found a bird friend for life in her.
Thank you, Traci!


Jennifer Bittner says:

I bought a Hahns Mini Macaw from Traci about a month ago. The price was very reasonable for the bird, cage, and accessories. I am very pleased with my little bird. She is as sweet as can be. I got her at only 8-10 weeks old and she was already saying a few words and had already learned to step up. It is very obvious that Traci and her family spend alot of time with the birds. I had a wonderful experience dealing with Traci before, during, and after purchasing my baby bird. She is very helpful and never hesitates to try and answer any and all questions I have for her. I highly recommend Traci to anyone looking for a new winged addition to the family 🙂  I drove 2.5 hours from Wyoming to Utah to get my lil bird and it was well worth it! Thank you, thank you, thank you Traci!! You are the best!


James W. says:

I have always wanted an Eclectus parrot.  Since there are no local breeders near me, I started searching the web, looking for a reputable breeder.  It seemed like every number I called, I had to either leave a message (with almost never a call back), they were too busy to talk to me, or acted annoyed that I asked a lot of questions.  Since this was going to be my first bird, and I knew this was a lifetime commitment, I had a lot of questions.  I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision.

I came across Traci’s website and saw that she had two Eclectus babies for sale.  I dialed the number with little expectations.  First…Traci answered the phone…and second…she was so nice!  She must have spent an hour talking to me, all while she was hand feeding babies.  She answered every question that I had, and even emailed me pictures of the little girls that I was interested in.  After choosing one, she sent me pictures of her every week, updating me on her progress, until she was ready to come home with me.

While I was preparing her new home, I had all kinds of questions.  I could always call Traci and ask her help.  She would talk to me whether she was in the car, at the store, or watching television.  She spent as much time with me as I needed, and never made me feel like I was taking her time (she must have one understanding husband).  I could tell that she really loves her birds.   She treats every one of her babies like they are her kids.

Rather than having her shipped, I decided to fly to Utah and bring the baby home on the plane with me.  Traci and her husband met me at the gate with her and wow! she was pretty.  My flight was a turnaround and I was nervous that I might get stuck with a crying baby all the way back, but Traci had already introduced her to everybody on my return flight.  All I heard from everybody was how pretty she was…and how lucky I was.  That made me feel so good.  Maybe they would be more understanding if she screamed all the way home.  She was the perfect girl all the way back and all the flight attendants wanted to see her, and help me name her.  I think I even saw Traci shed a tear as I was leaving with her.

Traci has since checked in a few times to see how things were going and has continued to be there, anytime I had another question.  I have plans to get a boy next and am patiently waiting for her other pair to have a boy.  I won’t go anywhere else, ever!




Isiac Orr says:

When I first wanted a parrot I thought it would be just save up, research and go to the pet store to get my new friend but then in the research i found parrots are better hand tamed and raised. Then I started to look at breeders near us none of them stood out and the ones that did stand out didnt have websites but then i found Traci but then Another problem arised i cant decide which kind of parrot to get there are all so beautiful and amazing in their different aspects. I decided to call and see from her having tons of experiance which bird I should get she said the bet one would be a senegal parrot and that she had a few but they were very young. When they were put on the website I put the deposite down on him. she sent me pictures and updates every week until he was 9 weekes then i could bring him home and finish the hand feeding by myself and when we got there Traci was so good at telling us everything we needed to know and gave us a huge cage with a playtop and everything with my new baby senegal today he is very happy and healthy and a snuggle bug. I love him to death Thanks Traci!!
Isiac Orr


Erik Medina says:

 I just want to start by saying that birds have changed my life in a positive way. Because of Traci and her family i have been able to learn and appreciate these beautiful and extraordinary creatures. Traci helped me figure out what birds would suit me best, she took the time to get to know me and then determine which birds would best fit my lifestyle. I purchased two red sided Eclectus parrots from her, one male, one female. I must say I completely love and admire my birds. They have humbled me and settled me down. They have helped me to appreciate life more. I also bought a Parrotlet from Traci and I absolutely love him. hes actually sitting on my shoulder while I type this. I plan on buying Two Indian ringnecks and a rose breasted cockatoo from Traci and her family. So for anyone interested in getting birds I would most definently recommend Tracis Parrots 4 U because Traci not only has decades of experience with these amazing animals, she truly cares about each and every bird equally. she wont just sell u a bird and be done with you. She will get to know you and figure out what bird would be best because her main concern is knowing that when a bird leaves her house that the bird will have the happiest and healthiest life possible as well as your happiness with your new family member. Traci has been very helpful to me since I am new to the bird world, she is always there to answer questions and give me advice whenever I need it. Traci is not just in the business for the money she loves birds and she puts her heart and soul, blood sweat and tears in to it, she works very hard to ensure that you get the very best animals possible. I wouldn’t buy birds from anyone else. Traci and her family are wonderful people and I am honored to have them in my life. I plan on continuing a great and healthy relationship/ friendship with them. My experience with Traci has been all perfect 10’s all the way around and I recommend Tracis Parrots 4 U (1000%) to everyone. A great big thank you to Traci and your family. I love you guys!!!!!

Erica Fultz says:

I found Traci through the classifieds after deciding it was time to add a bird to our family again. We adopted an 8 yr old goffins cockatoo (my dream bird), he had some nipping problems and Traci was always there to help us, while at her house with our new bird getting advice and training tips, I fell in love with a baby hahns macaw, and bought him/her too. I am so impressed with her knowledge and love for her birds.  Also impressed with the cleanliness of her home and health of all her birds. She truly has a love and passion for all of them. And the best part is all of the birds come with a very nice cage, toys, and food. I would never buy a bird from anyone else!
Thanks Traci, we are so happy!

Jessica Porter says:

I was scanning the classifieds because we had decided to add a new member to our family, when I found Traci’s ad.  I can’t believe how great our experience with her was!  She is so informative and kind, which shows in her birds.  The baby Blue and Gold we adopted is the sweetest little girl.  She loves to cuddle and is great with our 4 year old son.  You can tell she was well socialized from a very young age.  On top of getting the perfect baby girl, we also received a HUGE cage.  Traci also supplied us with food, formula, hand feeding supplies, toys, and many other items for our new baby.  Our experience with Traci was amazing, and we will never go to another breeder!  Thank you so much Traci!!
Jessica Porter

Steve and Tracy Morton say:

We recently lost our dear Sophie, a 3 1/2 year Jenday Conure. Our house instantly became quiet
and empty.  We desperately tried to find another Conure here in Colorado.  The local breeders and
bird stores weren’t much help.  We found Traci through her website and had several conversations
about our preferences.  She went over the top to find us the right companion.  I could tell instantly
that she was dedicated and determined to match the right bird with the right home.  She inquired
about our living situation and the bird’s accommodations, and was convinced that we were loving
and caring.  She offered to cage and ship our new friend to Colorado.  I was tempted but decided
to make the eight hour drive.  I was concerned about the storage of our bird in a cold environment
while waiting for the 2hr flight.  I made the right decision to meet Traci personally.  Her home is
filled with loving, nurtured birds.  These birds are clean, happy and love Traci.  Her desire is to
make sure that the new owners will continue that condition.  Traci was also very helpful with advice
on diet and healthy habits.  Her pricing was very fair and excluded the usual pet store mark-ups.
I would highly recommend doing business with this wonderful steward of our winged friends. . .
and make the trip to the beautiful Salt Lake City area.
                    Thanks Traci, we look forward to meeting you again.
                    Steve & Tracy,   Boulder, Colorado

Sally and Chad Roth say:

We bought our Green Cheek Conure, Fred, from Traci and  if you are looking to add a feathery member to your family this is the family you should buy from.  Her birds are raised with kids and other animals. They are loved from the day they hatch and the love never ends. They are the nicest birds you will find. The best quality is that the price you are told includes cage, toys, food, everything you need to get started with your new family member. The cage you get is a very high quality cage and is the size you need for the bird. You wont need to upgrade it as the bird grows. The prices are better than you will pay at a pet store. Traci is also always just a phone call away if you have any questions or concerns she is there to answer them and help you in any way she can.

Sherri C. says:

I met Traci about 6-7 months ago when I seen her ad in the classifieds in regards to a Blue and Gold Macaw she had for sale, I first contacted her by phone and set up a time to go look at this beautiful bird. When I arrived at her home I was very Impressed over the fact that all her birds were in extremely good health, all the cages were clean and I could tell right away how much she cares for these birds.So I met the blue and gold macaw and I knew right away I was going to get her, Traci made me feel Important and spent a lot of time with me making sure that I was happy bringing home my new bird. Even after I brought maui home she kept in touch to make sure all was going well and that both maui and I were doing good. No matter what If I have any questions or concerns Traci is always there to help out, she always responds to my phone calls or texts. The experience’s I’ve had with her have been the best!  She also helped me out with another bird I had gotten through someone else, unfortunately I had to make a very tough decision and had to Give up this lovely green wing ( Buster). Traci was there for me every step of the way knowing that I did not get this bird from her, she still helped me out and found a new loving home for my Buster. The best part of the whole deal is that I still get to hear how he is doing because the home she found for him happens to be one of her friends, and I know he is in good hands and has found a forever loving home, and that makes me very happy! Traci never pushes a sale onto you, she always makes sure that she finds the right fit when it comes to buying one of her birds. She is not in it for the money, this is someone who truly cares and has the love for these wonderful birds! Even after you bring home your bird Traci calls you to see how you and your feathered friend is doing, she stay’s in touch and does not leave you hanging to figure things out on your own! I now have two Macaws that I have gotten through Traci, and I can honestly say she is the only person that I will ever buy my birds from! I not only have two Awesome birds, I have a true and wonderful Friend!!

Thank you Traci!

Sherri C.


Sheila Schiro says:

2 years ago we decided to buy my son Hayden a baby bird! What we found was something much more!! Traci and her family are FABULOUS!! She is not just a Bird Breeder she has become a great friend. Traci knows her stuff. We started out with a Baby Green Cheeck (Peaches) sadly there was an accident with my kids and she passed on, it broke my son’s heart!! Traci was there to pick up the pieces she helped get another baby (Mr.Cuddles) soon after we added a Mexican Red Headed Parrot (Malloy) and then came (Mia) our Sun Conure.
Hayden also Fosters for WAES and he currently has (Yoda) a Male Eclectus. (Ettie) is our orange wing amazon  and finally he just bought his dream bird (Kozmo) his Baby Blue and Gold. So to total we have got 7 parrots from Traci yep I said 7 LOL. We love each and every one of them as she did! Traci is alway’s there to answer questions give advice, ideas, toys anything you need you can count on Traci. I would NEVER buy another bird from someone else!!

Traci Turner says:

 My name is Traci Turner I met Traci about 6 months ago. I had a bad experience with someone that sold me a bird. I  happened to find Traci in the classifieds! I am so thankful that I found her! Traci was so willing to help me with this bird (even though I did not buy the bird from her) Any time I had a question or concern all I have to do is pick up the phone and she is right there! I have since bought 4 birds from her, a  baby Green Cheek Conure, an adult Severe Macaw, an adult Military Macaw, and an Adult  Blue Crown Conure.  I will always buy my birds from Traci she has become a good friend that I know I can call her any time day or night and she will be there! Traci truly loves her birds If she doesn’t have and answer for you she will find it!


Ayse Harper says:

I have always been a bird person from a young age, my family had always owned birds and I had grown up having my own parakeets. These little guys have always been fascinating to me and I had been looking to buy a parrot for a while when I found Traci. I didn’t have much knowledge as far as caring for a parrot, I just new that I had liked the way that conures looked and had cute personalities.  I called her about an ad I saw online for some green-cheeked conure babies.  When I called she told me that they had all been sold but that she had another clutch of babies that were soon to hatch.  I gave her my number and asked her to call me as soon as there were babies ready for a home.  About a week later, I sent Traci another message because I really wanted one of those babies and I wanted to make sure she didn’t forget about me.  She told me she would give me a call as soon as they were ready.  A few days later she sent me pictures of all of the baby parrots she had that were being hand-fed and told me more about each different type of parrot.  She asked me what I was looking for in a bird and I told her that we wanted a cuddly bird that was relatively quiet and liked to hang out with its owners.  She then told me about the Meyer’s parrots she had that were being hand-fed at the time.  She told me to look into these wonderful little parrots and that I could also go to see the babies she had.  After doing some research on the Meyer’s and watching a lot of YouTube on them, we decided to go and see them.  When we went over to Traci’s home to see the babies, she let us help her feed them and hold them and see how cute they really were.  I was in love! The next day I told her I wanted the little guy I held! We went back to see “Mojo”, as he was named thereafter, the next day and put down his deposit and Traci and I arranged when I would be able to take him home. With my work schedule, I could only feed him 2 times a day and we would have to wait until he was down to 2 feedings which Traci predicted to be 2-3 weeks.  Mojo however had plans of his own, he was down to 2 feedings within a week.  I went to pick him up as soon as Traci told me he was ready.  She had his cage, toys, food and feeding instructions ready for me to take home.  She checked with me that night to make sure that Mojo and I didn’t have any problems getting him fed.  I felt very comforted by the fact that she was willing to help me every step of the way.  She was so informative and helped me to make the right decision and get the bird that would fit well in our home.  Mojo has been nothing but a sweetheart ever since he has come home.  We just love him and I know that I will keep in contact with Traci for our needs.  If and when we decide to get Mojo a friend, Traci will be the first person I call.  I couldn’t be happier with our choice. 

Barbara Hutchins says:

Traci is the only person I would ever buy a bird from and I say this after having made the mistake of buying one from another seller.  It started out all good with this cute little amazon for a decent price from a person who was less than honest.  Long story short, I got the bird home and she turned into a terror of the first order who would literally fly from her cage to attack me and even drew blood.    I have small children in the house and knew I couldn’t keep that type of threat around them.  I knew Traci from helping a friend buy another parrot and was impressed with her knowledge and sincerity and actually felt comfortable enough with her to call and ask her about this situation even though I didn’t buy the bird from her.  Not only was she willing to give advice, she took this bird in to her home for an assessment, concurred it was not the right fit for me and found a better situation for the bird and offered me full credit toward the bird of my dreams that she had bred herself.  She basically assumed all the risk of a bird that was not her responsibility in any way and still gave me a great price and the perfect bird for me.  Cooper and I are the best match and I know I can call or text Traci at any time and with any questions and she will be there for me.  My friend has bought 2 birds from her and has had the same experience.  With her it is never about the money and always about creating lasting relationships between the birds and the people to the point that she ends up being your friend versus someone you just purchased a bird from.

Shawn D. says:

I bought my African Grey, Raymond, from Traci and he’s been a joy.  Even though he lives in a home with just one person, Raymond is well socialized and enjoys meeting new people and has absolutely no socialization problems.  I definitely recommend Traci as a breeder and I plan to buy parrots from her in the future as her ability to raise healthy and happy bappies is second to none.


Andrea Leister says:

In February 2011, my family and I were itching to add a pet to our family. We had previously had birds as pets when we lived in Pennsylvania and we missed the entertainment and sweet disposition they brought to our family. I searched in the classifieds and found an ad from Traci about her birds.I was drawn to her ad because she felt strongly about keeping in contact with those who purchased her birds.I could tell immediately while speaking with her that she loved her birds and cared about their future. She offered a cage and toys with each of her birds so she knew they would be appropriately housed.She listened to what I wanted and gave wonderful suggestions of what breeds would be good matches for us.Within minutes of visiting, we fell in love with a beautiful Senegal parrot.  Traci gave us the option of bringing her home and feeding her ourselves, which I felt would build a special bond.Traci spent time showing me how to feed her, and reassured me that I could call her any time with questions. After going home we realized quickly that between the nine of us in our family, we  had to “pick a number” to hold and love her. After a week of this, we decided to purchase another bird.We didn’t hesitate a second with knowing we wanted to go to Traci. Now months later, we own FOUR exceptional parrots from her. We feel so happy to have met Traci. She has become a friend to us through all the questions we’ve bombarded her with, and her patience and kindness is without a doubt one of a kind in our eyes.

Stacy Brown says:

All I can say is WOW!!! Traci and her entire family have made my interest, learning, and buying parrots an amazing experience.

I had a Jenday Conure as a teenager and always knew I would love to have another parrot one day. After I moved here to Utah I started looking around at pet stores and breeders for that special companion, but none were the right fit, the birds looked ill, unhappy or the breeder’s were unknowledgeable. I figured I should stop looking because if I was meant to find the special birdie it would happen.

I saw an ad and decided to set up an appointment with one last breeder. I came to Traci’s expecting to find another breeder just like the last ones. Well let me tell you how wrong I was, Traci’s birds were all healthy, happy, clean and the cutest things I have ever seen! My family and I decided to buy a sweet baby Goffin’s Cockatoo. Having no bird experience I relied heavily on Traci for answers to all of my many questions for weeks to come, she even came to my house for a bird training session!! I think I needed it more than the bird did though.

I have since purchased two more parrots from Traci and will never go anywhere else for my birds or supplies again.


Stacy Brown